Jason is a freelance AD/CD and part-time filmmaker now based out of San Francisco. His last full-time stint was at SapientNitro in Chicago where he was CD/Head of Art and co-created the winning campaign for the Abbott account. Before that he CD’d the Jim Beam group at Energy BBDO and helped win Canadian Club. Damn Right Your Dad Drank It won at every show entered, turned a 16-year sales decline around in its first month, and is featured in Archive’s 25th Anniversary Issue.

He’s a craftsman, idea guy and truth-teller who feels insight and brand purpose should guide the thinking, and that applies to any digital channel, traditional ad buy or yet-to-be-invented platform.

Jason splits his time between the ad world, working on the next documentary project at True Stories and fixing up their new but very old house in Marin with his girlfriend Julia.

  jstanfield@me.com     |     415 599 9135




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